Public Resources – Links to Useful Tools and Services

Legal Resources for Use by the Public

1.  Colorado Laws (Constitution, Statutes and Rules)

2.  Aging With Dignity (5 Wishes ~ Advanced Directive)

3.  Colorado Judicial Branch Form Set

4.  Colorado Division of Real Estate Form Set

5.  Colorado Secretary of State (Business Database)

6.  Colorado Bar Assoc. (COBAR)

Resources for Professional Services

We are often asked about professional resources relating to other professions and services.  The Firm does not make referrals to other professional services, as we believe each client should select their own service providers after investigating which provider can best meet their needs.  The following are some of the providers that are available for individuals to contact and to consider, and to decide for themselves — we do recommend shopping so encourage clients to check several options before selecting a professional:


 Siegel & Associates:  Mark Siegel, CPA

Address: 30752 Southview Dr # 150, Evergreen, CO 80439

Phone: (303) 674-1444

Wealth Planning

CastleMountain Financial Planning, Inc.: Shelley Schlossberg, CFP

Address31365 Burn Lane, Evergreen, CO 80439

Phone: 303-384-9177

Health Insurance

Evergreen Health Insurance, LLC:

Address: 28265 Hwy 74, Evergreen, CO

Phone: (303) 674-1945